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National Groupage

We constantly offer a customized service. The extreme versatility of our means of transport, from the small van to the lorry, allows the collection and delivery of goods at the right times and with the appropriate methods. A widespread presence of drivers allows a faster handling of deliveries.


Dedicated Express Services

The dedicated express service meets any transportation request in an exclusive and fast way, reaching all European destinations and the rest of the world in a very short time with special and specific means.


International Italy / Romania

Tralog's main business starts from this multi-day service to and from Romania.
We are able to handle all your needs, from small batch of goods until full balance.
Transit times and timely deliveries are the main features of this service.



Full and partial shipments loads (groupage), flexible, fast and efficient services that respond to the different needs of companies. Our network of partners allows our company to provide a suitable solution to every request.


Logistics (Process and Integrated):

Warehouse management, receipt and distribution of goods are essential activities for any organization. Tralog's experience in this area allows the organization of deposits at decentralized customer facilities, such as the logistics platform service at our warehouse, located in Pordenone, with an area of more than 4,000 square meters where all the activities are carried out daily of the logistics chain:

  1. Collection and receipt of goods
  2. Storage and stock management
  3. Data sharing through integrated IT and radiofrequency systems.
  4. Preparation of orders and packaging
  5. Shipping in Italy and abroad


Milk Run

In the last few years, the company has specialized in carrying out transport according to the MILK RUN system known as "milk tour". This one allows you to organize daily transport with partners, whether they are suppliers or customers, to pick up or deliver goods in accordance with the production plan.
The supply system allows companies to organize production and inventory according to the "just in time" philosophy with different benefits at the logistical and management level such as an increase in inventory rotation index, a decrease in the volume of goods in warehouse or even, save on shipping costs and a higher level of service quality.


Exceptional transport and lifting by crane

Our company wants to offer its customers the largest number of transport services: that is why we have established a strong partnership with valued employees working in offshore transportation both in national and international territory, in addition to the crane service for the most difficult deliveries and for the displacement of large machineries.


We offer customized logistics solutions to satisfy every need.

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Our coverage areas are Italy, Europe, U.S.A., Asia.